Problem with jays?

WAT DO U THINK IS DA PROBLEM WID BLU JAYS, is it da offense, pitching or whatever, why can't they win ballgames?


Yankee fans, what do you think about Charles Barkleys comments?

You have them confused with whom, the Yankees? The Royals? Perhaps the Nationals?

How did the Brooklyn dodgers get their name??

Put it all together, and you have listed the reasons they are having a struggle. They simply are not performing well or even up to their potential. Not one aspect of their game is memorable except the number of losses.


Does anyone know of any addresses of current baseball players?

The Jays need their pitching to perform better. Roy Halladay is the only one going out their and getting it done. They need B.J. Ryan to come off the DL and start closing for them again. Burnett has to show what he is capable of more often and stop getting himself into jams. Their hitting is doing alright but I think they are lacking in the managing department. Aaron Hill has been hitting really well yet they don't move him up in the batting order. They need to ride his hot streak out as long and hard as they can.

Famous Baseball Players wearing the number 19?

Like a lot of baseball fans, every season I take a long, in depth look at all the MLB teams to see who's got what. Since the spring, no matter how I tried to spin it, I've had to conclude that this team simply doesn't have the talent to compete with the Bosox or a healthy Yankees team for the AL East title. And with Ryan and Johnson doing long stints on the DL, that doesn't help their cause any. The rotation is kinda suspect behind Halladay. Overall its not a BAD team, but they're short in the rotation, and short on the type of impact player you need to have in order to compete for a division title.

What company makes the best youth baseball bats? Is the lightest possible the best?

It's because they are in the same division as the BoSox and they don't have a hope of competing.

What is the big difference between the demarini vexxum and demarini voodoo?

They have to put towers back in the rotation and take out that looser zabrano, Put Royce clayton's useless *** on th bench for john mcdonald, insert Casey Janssen into the rotation for Gustavo Chacin and stop letting Shaun Marcum come into the game when they are winning/loosing by 3 or less runs. then they will own all the other losers of the AL East

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