Anybody have a baseball glove?

does anybody know how to make a baseball glove loose so that it is soft. also don't say use your hands because it doesn't work for me. my glove is 12.5 inches and I'm 5ft 1in


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I've tried oils before, but have never been satisfied with the result. The best method I've found is:

1) place a baseball (or softball if that's your sport) in the base of the web to form a nice pocket
2) close the mitt around the ball and secure it with string
3) submerge the mitt and ball in a bucket of water and let it soak overnight
4) remove the mitt from the bucket and place it on a layer of towels in a dry location
5) let it dry on its own (this can take several days). you should turn the glove over once every 12 hours or so
6) after its dry, untie the string, remove the ball, and you've got yourself a mitt that's ready to go

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Go to a sports store like Dicks and ask them and they will give you a solution

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keep it warm and out of the cold

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Hmmm.. with my son, he was continually pounding the ball into his glove..
also, you can get some saddle oil and use it to help soften it up, but, you have to use your hands, otherwise, why try to go through the necessary steps to get into ball??

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Put olive oil on it. Rub it all in and keep opening it and closing it. Once the oil has dried, re-apply once more and you will have a nice loose glove. This is what the pros do to knew gloves.

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buy a bottle of neatsfoot oil. it is made to soften leather. rub it all over the glove, out a ball in the web of it and put a rubber band on the outside of it to keep it tight on the ball. do this until it gets to your desired flexability

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use shaving cream rub it into the glove then tie it shut with a ball inside it leave overnight repeat if needed

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this is how i did my glove and it worked like a charm

buy some regular glove lubricant or leather softener or something and put it on (shaving cream can be used also) then put a ball in it where you would like the pocket to be and tie it TIGHTLY closed. then put it through the dryer cycle. the beat up the glove will recieve will soften it up and create a good pocket for the ball. it will not harm your glove at all. good luck.

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have a catch with someone that can throw hard and have him throw to you for awile. after a little while it will start to break in.

FYI: Don't put it in the oven, dont run over it with a car, and dont put any kind of desingrating leather liquid on it it works but it destroys your glove.

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My sister is a softball pitcher and knows this. Use shaving cream to rub in the glove

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