Are the Yankees reaching by signing Roger Clemens?


What team holds the record for most errors in one game?

No, he had less than a 3.00 ERA in Houston. I don't care how old a pitcher is, if you have the money, take him.

What is wrong with Steinbrenner et al?

No. He knew was going there all along. This isn't a surprise.

Red sox April 16 rained out?

Granted that I didn't want to see Roger back in pinstripes, the Yankees do need a veteran arm.
With all the injuries plaguing the team, Clemens is our lifeboat.

Why do Dodger fans leave early from the stadium during a game?

NO. He is still the best and I think the yanks knew that he would be back to the Bronx starting from day 1.

Who in the mlb can pitch over 101 mph?

Yes. When pitchers move from the AL to the NL often their ERA will drop by one. Honestly Clemens is old, cannot be expected to pitch more than 6 innings, and deserves nothing more than a 4th or 5th spot in a rotation. How long has it been since he has started a game? Too long. He should be sipping a beer at his home watching the games on TV and looking for a job on ESPN or as a play by play guy on TV.

What time does AT&T park open for Giants games?

I think they are. 4.5 million a month? Thats ridiculas.

Did Babe Ruth really call his homerun in the 1932 World Seires?


Do Yankee fans like johnny damon?

Somewhat because Roger is like 44 (so you don't know how effective he will be at this age even though he has been good in his 40s so far), he is only 1 starter in a rotation that needs about 3, and he is so succeptible to injury now

Who is sick of hearing about Barry Bonds?

no he will keep them in games..and win some

Who is the best clutch hitter for the braves this year?

just another chapter in the yanks getting whoever they want. U think the royals had a chance of landing him?

How hard is it to be Robonson Cano today?


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