1985 baseball card?

I have a 1985 Fleer baseball card with Dave Winfield and Lance Parrish on the same card. About 3/4 of the card has Winfield and the other 1/4 has Parrish on it. Winfield played for the Yankees and Parrish played for the Tigers that year. Does anyone know if the card might be worth something? I've had it all these years and never thought about it.


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If it's in good condition, it's worth about $2.

Now, keep in mind that finding someone to buy it for $2 is not gonna be easy. A card shop will not pay book price for a card and selling on EBay as a single card is almost not worth it because of the shipping cost.

Selling a single card in general is pretty hard, but you can try craigslist.

To get pricing data for baseball cards you can pick up a Beckett Guide or go to http://www.beckett.com

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It's a miscut. Maybe a buck to a diehard Winfield collector, but there's no widespread demand for such a thing.

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a buck or two

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my best advice to you is to email
its a Baseball Library expert

also try going to Baseballlibrary.com

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