Anyone else find it funny that Clemens announced his return in this particular game?

Question:Don't get mad, Yanks fan -- this doesn't mean I'm not a fan or a bad fan or any such thing.

I'm a Yankees fan for many years, and I've always liked Clemens, but I found it somehow hilarious that Clemens gets up right after the whole debacle with Proctor and Phelps and announces his return. It was somehow appropriate that in a game where Proctor and Torre get thrown out Clemens is up in the owners' box. I don't know why, but it just cracked me up.

Poor Matsui got his achievement completely overshadowed.


How is McGwire not in baseball's Hall of Fame and Michael Irvin is in football's?

No matter what the tickets cost it sounds like it was a real entertainment bargain today.

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Clemens is just a distraction and should be traded.

Whos is your favorite current baseball player ? and why?

Clemens sucks-(astro fan)

How many MLB pitchers were clocked at 100mph last year, in the whole league?

NO I dont think anything had to do with the reason why Proctor and Torre got thrown out of the game. I guess he was there at the right time so he announced that he was coming back to the Yankees. GO YANKEES

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