20 years from now who would be in the hall of fame and considered the greatest player of this generation?

some of the young players.


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albert pujols

the start to his first 6 bid league seasons have been the best EVER

he will be remembered as one of the greatest players of all time

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Albert Pujols
Prince Fielder
Ryan Howard

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Albert Pujols if you said of this decade...but you said of this generation....Barry Bonds is the best we have ever seen or will ever see this generation or last. Numbers dont lie 7 time MVP going for 8 this year. He is the Best!!

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Definatley have to begin with Pujolus. He has posted some ridicoulus numbers since hes been here and shows no signs of slowing down. If he keeps up at the pace he going hell make a pretty good argument for why he should be in the hall of fame. another player that has a shot at making the hall of fame is Alfonso Soriano. Hees one of the most versatile players the game has ever seen. I know he had a slow start this year (which hes making up for recently) but he has always posted up respectable stats each year. He has 40/40 potential every game. These are the players that i believe could make a run for the hall of fame.

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I'm going with Johann Santana. He is THE best pitcher in league. The only reason that Bonds won't make it is because of 'roids. Remember what happened to Mark Mcguire?

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Albert Pujols
Phillip Hughes
Ian Snell
Felix Hernandez
Miguel Cabrera
Jose Reyes
Rich Hill

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Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols and Johan Santana. I don't think you can nail down just one player as "the best." There are too many differences among the positions and you can't compare pitchers to fielders/hitters. As long as those 3 stay healthy, I think they're locks to be in the Hall (A-Rod, especially).

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Here are some players who I think:

Ryan Howard
Albert Pujols
David Ortiz
Johan Santana
Joe Mauer
Derek Jeter

Gil Meche... who'd have thunk it?

Intriguing question.. a good argument can be made for Pujols and Santana.. certainly Mauer and Morneau could find there way on that list.. Ryan Howard needs to kick it in gear.. Justin Verlander is a youngster who, for most of the season, was in sight of Santana for the AL cy young, but faded a bit and had to settle for the ROY..

And there is one guy tearing up the minors right now, that in 20 years, could be that guy.. remember the name Cameron Maybin.. said to be a better version of Ken Griffey JR.. who has power, speed, a great glove, and will likely push Curtis Granderson to left or right next year..

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Also, Roy Oswalt.

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