Anyone know where I can find a video or a still of Manny giving Dice K the evil eye?

It happened yesterday after Dice K left the game. Manny gives Dice a bow, then a Karate chop, then gives him this look of disgust as Dice walked away.


Will anyone get 800 homeruns by the end of there carrer?

LOL Hilarious I didn't even see that and i watched the whole game!!

LMAO the evil eye

Can I wear another team's jersey to a baseball game that they are not playing in?

Even,I would love to see that video,I'm sure if it did happen it most likely has to do with the root of all evil MONEY!,,,Manny is most likely pissed that the sox gave him all that money,That's the main reason everyone hates Arod!!

Error on a sacrifice bunt. Count as an "at bat"?

I didn't see that--but I wish I had! Dice K seems arrogant to me. Maybe it's just that I live near Kansas City and I got tired of hearing all the hype about him for days before the game.

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