6 in a row , and 7 of 8. Are you feeling it yet?



A-Rod's play.?

I am getting pumped for this team! We have not even started yet, believe me. Look at our team:

Rouse and Marte were getting too much P.T. Finally, we brought Choo up! In the future, he will be a nice fit in the 2 hole. Grady recently fell into a little slump. Peralta will have a rebound year :) Many of our players worked on defense and strikeouts over the offseason. Our bullpen is much better. We have one of the best starting rotations in all of baseball. Borowski has 9 saves, and a 9 e.r.a. hahaha

Who will win the MVP, Hafner or Sizemore?
And can C.C. win the Cy Young? And when will Sowers make a run for it?

Things are good, but not yet great, and we are in 1st place :)

What is the fifth round draft rule for baseball players?

Indians are looking strong. Go Tribe

What should I put on a poster board for a chicago cubs game?


How do you put your baseball cards in a binder so they are ready to sign?

Oh yeah! It feels great. Go Super Sizemore! Pronk! Choo Choo!
My local team, the Reds, are too pitiful to watch right now.

Jack Robinsons Number 42?

were not even a all the way thru the first month. theres plenty of time left and the al central is wide open excpet for kc. go sox

How easy will it be to score Red Sox-Blue Jays tickets or Yankees-Blue Jays tickets in Toronto? Anytime I see?

i'm feeling joe Borowski blowing another save, and then another. Tigers and Sox are much better

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