A good glove?

I am a second baseman and an outfielder for the babe ruth league. What brands of gloves and which gloves do you reccommed?


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I played college baseball...almost everyone I knew had either Nokona or Mizuno. Nokona's are a little more expensive, but the hide is thicker and tanned longer, which makes it more durable. Mine lasted 5 years, all through high school and one year of college. Mizuno's are good also. If you are really serious about your gloves, the infield glove is different than the outfield glove. Infield gloves are shorter and the pocket is more shallow to allow you to get the ball out quicker. Outfield gloves are deeper and usually have extra webbing to take the force of catching fly balls all the time. Some advice: try not to use the outfield glove in the infield if you can help it...trying to scoop grounders is more difficult.

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I have a Mizuno.. I play shortstop, but I play softball. :D

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umm rawlings are always good. usualy good gloves are around $80-$120

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If you have money to spend buy a custom glove made to your specifications.Rawlings,Miz...

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There are several good brands available but it all comes down to what is most comfortable on your hand and which one suits you the best.

I don't own one but I hear Nokona gloves are excellent.
Their Buffalo skin gloves are around $200 but are top of the line quality.
Rawlings and Wilson make some good quality gloves as well.

It depends on how much you want spend but I do recommnd that you go into a sports store and try several on to see how they feel to you.

Some will break in faster than others but may not be as good a quality leather as others that will take longer.

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I play second base and i use a Rawlings Heart of the Hide.
Try getting one around 11-12 inches so u can use both for the outfield and infield (11 is too small for outfield and 12 is too big for infield).

Try rawlings, mizuno, or wilson those are the best gloves. Get one u like no one can tell u which one to get because we all have different hands and we catch the ball differently.

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