All-Star picks for '07?

Have a bet going with friends..I know its a few months away but just need some other opinions...


Can a thrown baseball rise?

Magglio Ordonez
Alex Rodriguez
Travis Hafner
Vlad Guerrero
Derek Jeter
Victor Martinez
Justin Morneau
Grady Sizemore
Albert Pujols
Eric Chavez
Carl Crawford
Ryan Howard
David Wright
Andrew Jones
Prince Fielder
Manny Ramirez
Carlos Beltran
Just to name a few--starters and back-ups.

Ladies, who do u think is the hottest baseball player currently playing?

I like lettuce.

How many pennants did the mets win?

jj hardy, prince fielder, franciso cordeao, john smoltz, jose reyes, beltran, arod, jeter, ortiz, thats just a few

Red Sox Fans: Do You Think Roger Will Make a Difference?

vlad guerrero

Why is Steinbrenner villified?

Yup Big Daddy Vladdy!

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