Albert Pujols??

Im not sure where i draft in my league yet, but lets just say i hav 1st pic. Do i still draft Albert Pujols 1st even after his umbelievably horrible start? Or should a go for Jose Reyes who is playing at the level expected of him?


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you'd be a fool to not get pujos... he'll be mvp, and you'll get plenty out of him...

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Jose Jose Jose Jose
Jose Jose Jose Jose

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Good question. Pick Pujols. You know Pujols will kick into gear sooner or later. Pujols does the same thing every year and is always in the MVP talk. Reyes is a good player aswell, but i would choose Pujols. Id rather 40 HR and 140 RBI than 50 SB and 80 RBI.

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Out of those 2, I would go for Albert Pujols. But if it was out of any player in MLB, I would go for Alex Rodriguez or possibly Derek Jeter. I would also try for Ryan Howard because of his fantastic season last year, when he had 58 homers.

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I'd go with Pujols...but it kinda depends on your league and which stats are emphasized.

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Both have talent. But Albert gets my vote.

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You definitely have to go with Pujols here, because in a 5X5 Roto League he's going to fill up most of the stats.

AVG, Runs, HRs, RBIs, and anything else like SBs is like icing on the cake.

As for Jose Reyes go, he's emerging as one of the best SS in the game right now. He has definitely improved his OBP and developed some power after last season.

You know his runs and SBs will be there, when you got a dangerous lineup of David Wright, Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado, and Loduca.

Like Pujols, he fills in AVG, Runs, HRs, and SBs. But he's only been hitting .300 since 2005, which was 2 years ago. Pujols has done it ever since he's been in the league.2001 which is 6 full seasons.

Pujols is no doubt the #1 pick here, because it just feels very weird to have Reyes up there after 1 monster season. I need to see more of him if I'm going to put him over Pujols.

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or get arod

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