American league pitchers or national league pitchers- who tend to be better HITTERS?

American league pitchers or national league pitchers or hitting?


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Pitchers aren't real good in either league but the National League has no DH so the NL pitchers get more practice...and there are hitters in the NL who are decent and can make good at-bats like Jason Marquis, Carlos Zambrano and Kip Wells, just to name a few.

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National league since they take batting practice and hit more often then AL pitchers.

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With AL pitchers, who would know?

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National League because they hit more often with no DH; Dontrelle Willis and Carlos Zambrano both hit in the .240 - .270 ba range and hit 5-10 homers a year, also matt hampton who i think is retired now was one of the best hitting pitchers ever, played for the braves and rockies.

Who is the best pitcher in the MLB.?

its gotta be national leuge hittrs. they hit all the time while the american leauge pitchers only hit 2 weeks out of the season. only way american leauge hitters are better is if they just came from national leauge

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