A lot of announcers use the term when a fastball blows by the batter, but are they saying that for effect?

I notice on slow mo or replays that the batter does not always swing late with the fastball or get blown away, but rather the timing is right on, just that he swings a bit over or under the ball...but the announcers still use the words to the effect that the picher just "blows it by" so and so...


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Sure, some is for effect, but there is also some truth to it. Batters that miss above or below a fastball that is usually coming straight in or coming in with just some slight movement are usually guessing location. A pitcher without great speed on his fastball allows the batter to see it a split second faster and thus make better contact, but a pitcher that 'blows them away' makes batters miss above and below as well as late.

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Regardless he still blew it by him. Theyre announcers, there job is to make the game as interesting a spossible and if that means poking fun at the player who just missed the ball then so be it. Same thing for when they say he balsted the ball when its a weak pop up, etc..

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to make the call colorful.

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