Am I the only one here that doesn't want a juicehead to go down in history as the Home Run King??


Should there be an asterick next to players name in the record books?

No, you are not. Given that these performance enhancing potions have been around since the 1930's though, I have to wonder if any of my old 'heroes' might have indulged. I like to think not, but we will never know for certain. I think that is the shame of what these people have done to the sport...they have cast a shadow on so many others who would never have thought of trying such a thing. Then again, corked bats and spitballs and pine tar aren't just modern ideas are they? Neither was the 'Black Sox' scandal.

I guess the use of the asterisk will have to become a common practice. How long has it taken Rose to admit he bet on his own team's games? Shame on them all.

What do you think about the gary thorne/curt schilling/bloody sock issue?

you and the other 500 people that post this topic every day

Is anyone else (other than Red Sox fans) sick of Roger Clemens?

records like that are gonna be less and less significant as things like this slide; people are gradually not going to pay attention and not care

Triva question i could not answer famous yankee player nickname "SPUD"?

Don't worry, dude. One - Henry Aaron will ALWAYS be the HR King in MANY baseball people's /fans eyes, including mine, until Junior (Ken Griffey Jr.), A-Rod, ManRam (Manny Ramirez), or Albert Pujols gets to the magic number.

STL Cardinals Slumber Party?

. Home run hitters in baseball.
1. Barry Bonds***
2. Hank Aaron***
3. babe Ruth.

***Henry did it with class, Barry does it like an a&&.

In Pitching a baseball, what is the difference between a slider, curve, breaking and fork?

Never been caught. That was a special "man cream" he rubbed all over his body.

If you could create a league of your own ,who would the guys be?

What ever happened to the presumption that someone is presumed innocent until proven guilty? Barry Bonds has been hounded like no one ever before and nothing has been proved against him. I hope he hits 800 home runs. My only regret is he is not a Yankee.

Mark Buherle ?

For mountainclass

Barry's been caught using steroids, he's just never admitted to using them. That whole thing with his trainer, a known steroid distributor, giving Barry some flaxseed oil and muscle cream, and Barry doesn't question what he's putting on his body?

By the way, Bonds personal trainer, Greg Anderson, was a known steroid dealer since at least 1996. Read the Game of Shadows if you want more details.

This from a guy (Barry) who regularly tests his blood to see what kind of vitamins and minerals his body is lacking in and then adjusts his diet and gets custom pills made to supply his body with what he needs.

Also, yankeesRWEAK you're thinking of Juiced by Jose Canseco, Game of Shadows was by Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams, reporters for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Red sox fans...?

No You have many many people who agree with you. I wish there was a way of taking all the YA discussions about Bonds possibly breaking Aaron's record and electronically sending them to Selig's office.
For me watching Bonds attempt to break Aaron's record is like realizing a bad auto accident is seconds away from happening and being absolutely powerless to stop it.

Why do most switch hitters bat left-handed?

funny how the book GAME OF SHADOWS is written by an idiot named jose canseco. he lost his mind ever since that baseball bounced off his head and over the fence for a HR.

Protective "cup" question...?


1967 Triple Cronwn Winner,American League?

I don't want him to either. But at least ARod or Pujols will catch him. Let's hope they're not Roid Boys.

10 points Red Sox- Yankees (Not as simple)?

No. About 5 million other retarded, jealous, uneducated, bandwagon fan mentality, racist, no experience with the medical field, tabloid reading, insolent people here think that Barry Bonds took steroids but have no proof to back their nonsense up with.

I challenge anyone here to prove to that Barry Bonds disgraced baseball, took steroids and is a cancer on professional sports. These are basically the keywords that posters here used to describe Barry. Solid proof only..

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