1990s Pitcher pitching with helmet?

Question:I seem remember there was a left-handed relief pitcher who pitched a few games with a hard batting helmet. I believe he had a brain tumor and his first name was Rob. I also believe he played for the Padres and Mariners. Anyone know who I'm talking about and what happened to him?

I don't mean John Olerud who played first base with a batting helmet.


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In 2004, Rob Ramsay pitched for the Padres in spring training with a helmet on. He is 33 now, and had a few games for Seattle in 1999 and 2000. He has recovered from a brain tumor. Sounds pretty much like what you're looking for.

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i'm at a loss Dan Quisenberry had a brain tumor but can't find any reference to wearing a helmet in the field.

wikipedia mentions Olenrud & Richie Allen but he wasn't a pitcher & wore it for different reasons.

"Richie Allen, who decided to wear a helmet in the field after at least one incident of being hit by objects thrown by fans."

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