Alyssa Milano & a Baseball blog?

Question:Alyssa Milano, 2 weeks ago today, started a baseball blog on She is a Dodgers fan. She seems very knowIedgeable of the game. I think she sincere, and not doing it just for publicty. But could also be to help promote her new baseball clothing line for women, "Touch". She also filmed a pilot that ABC needs to approved, for the fall season. What do you think of it? The link is below.


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She's really into dating pitchers,Let's see,,See dated Carl Pavano,,Barry Zito,,Brad Penny! Something bout those pitchers!! And i must say,,She's got GREAT TASTES! :)

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She has always been a sports fan. She went out with a lot of baseball players and hockey players. She better picked up some sports knowledge. Good for her that she is blogging about sports. Women talking about sports is sexy...

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Perhaps somebody helped her write it. I guess we'll never know.

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Needs nudity.

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I just want her to be naked and available. That is all.

Hey mets...scared yet?

If her powers were still active she would be able to see that she is falling fast and losing all hope of sincerity.

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Just is, bottom line, a selfish promotional effort to hype her clothing line. Somehow, I seriously doubt
that she has season tickets to the Giants or LA Dodgers. Way too many ugly tattoos. BTW, she "dated" several pro hockey players too. Hmm, I can't understand why she never got hitched (Wrong). Her life is far from being
"charmed." (^ ^)

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