Any female baseball fans, how does it make you feel?

Girls how do you feel about men playing a girls game, do you think they should be banned and make it girls only like it used to be. Why cant the guys pick a mans game to play.


Around how long is a baseball game?

A girls game? According to whom? According to you? I've check all the questions you've asked, and they have a decidedly mysogynist skew.

Baseball is played by both genders in North America. Baseball is NOT rounders, which appears to be a girls game in the UK.

Baseball not a man's game? Try standing the batter's box when the pitcher can throw upwards of 100mph and may not always know where that ball is going? Not a mans' game? How about throws of 350' -400' from the outfield to nail a runner at the plate? Not a man's game? Don't tell that to the runner barreling down the line to the plate who has to get through the catcher to touch the plate. And don't ever try to tell that to the catcher who must take that hit, hang onto the ball and tag the runner with it while blocking the runner's access to the plate. Don't tell that to the runner trying to break up a double play by upending the middle infielder. In particular, don't tell that the that same runner who is trying to do that while that infielder is trying to throw the ball 80 - 90mph to the first baseman, through the runner's head.. And don't tell that to the outfield who runs full tilt for 80' - 100' and then climbs a 10' fence to keep a batted ball from going over that fence for a HR.

Anyone can use strength and/or leverage while wearing a full set of body armour, to push someone else to the ground, as in football. Any brute can strap on a pair of skates and use his elbows or hips, again while wearing a full set of body armour, to shove someone to the ice, and then drop his gloves and fight another person who is out there for the same reason.

Baseball, however, is a game of skill, of concentration and of coordination and is played with next to no body armour. Baseball is a game that requires explosive movements from static starts, all of the time. Baseball is played every day, day-in and day-out for a 162 game season, while flying up to 3500 miles overnight in order to play. Male professional athletes from all kinds of other sports have tried to play baseball, and have failed miserably at it, including Michael Jordan, John Elway, Drew Henson, Wayne Gretzgy and many others.

Baseball isn't a man's game? HA!!!!!!

Since there is an owner as commissioner, should the next one be a player?

LMAO - real men play hockey - all other sports are wannabes

Yanks' fans, how disgusted are you with how they're playing so far?

Man, you are gay.

Should Jesse Jackson have any right to tell the atlanta GM how to do his job?

But us, being girls, choose to play softball instead, which really is a girls' sport.

And besides: there are only two games that mostly men play. That is, football and hockey. There are no "only man" sports for guys to play. Girls can play whatever we want!

Where can I find a team's run allowed distribution per inning?

What on earth are you talking about?

Which mlb players is in your fantasy?

Umm...dude are you gay or GO YANKEES!

Who is the biggest disappointment in baseball history?

Your question is so dumb. How is baseball a girls game? Both men and women can play any sport. I can't even think of a sport that is only for men. So when you say "a mans game" what sport would that be?

Who wore #10 in baseball?

I feel sorry for folks that don't get it. The very fact that you felt the need to enter a baseball forum and rip the game must mean that you realize your missing out on something great. We mock what we can't understand I suppose. Oh well, sucks to be you. For the rest of us, male or female, we have the greatest game ever invented in our hearts. There is a reason the movie industry has made far more baseball movies than that of any other sport.

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