AHAHA barry bonds dressed up as paula abdul?


what do you guys think?



Who do you think?

That's something you don't see everyday...

Why is there so many baseball games in a season.?

This happened before baseball season... and they do this everyday, but I thought it was pretty funny too!

Which hotel do the visitors(baseball) stay at when they are playing the San Diego Padres?

I think I laughed when I saw that two months ago..

Why is it that you cannot cast vote for pitchers for the all-star game?

Hilarious and condusive to behavior from grown men having fun when they're seeking entertainment. I think that the "Giants Idol" show went on this preseason too, but am not sure which player dressed up as Paula this time.

Maybe "Helga" could dress up and be the new Giants mascot in addition to the orange sea lion.

If david ortiz is proven to ahve used steroids or any other drug, should he be kicked out for year?

Funny stuff! I think Zito was Paula Abdul this year, it just shows that Barry isnt a bad teammate after all.

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