Anyone know of any baseball umpire jobs in CT(new-haven county)?

currently a soccer ref, interested in a baseball umpire job in New-haven county


Is the Orioles trade of John Maine (5 w 1.79 ERA) to the Mets for Kris Benson the dumbest trade in recent yrs?

I dont know about any big leagues you can get a job at, but you can probably be an umpire for little league games.

I dont know if a junior high kid can actually ump a game. usually at little league games adults do it. If you have a local sports complex with baseball, try contacting them, they might need umps

Who is the best blue collar MLB team.?


Who is or was?

Try contacting your local Little League: or the Cutters:

How many home runs will ryan howard hit this year?

Try Little League, they are always looking for umpires and you do get paid, not much but it is a good place to start and get some experience.

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