15 Best MLB relievers?



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In no particular order:

Scott Proctor - Yankees
Scott Linebrink - Padres
Mike Timlin - Red Sox
Jesse Crain - Twins
Scot Shields - Angels
Joel Zumaya - Tigers
Juan Rincon - Twins
Dan Wheeler - Astros
Justin Duchscherer - A's
Aaron Heilman - Mets
Cla Merideth - Padres
Mike MacDougal - White Sox
Scott Schoenweis - Mets
Luis Visciano - Yankees
Kiko Calero - A's

Why is tori hunter wearing #42 and not 48?

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How did the rangers score against seattle in the first inning in todays game?

I like Pat Neshek. I don't know who I would choose history wide, but for recent, i go with my man, Neshek.

I just like the way he Subs/Sidearm pitches, and he also sticks his tungue out before every pitch.

What happened to Wilfredo Pujols?

No particular order:
Jonathan Broxton, LAD
Joel Zumaya, DET
Scot Shields, LAA
Scott Linebrink, SD
Matt Capps, PIT
Andrew "Andy" Sisco, CWS
Dan Wheeler/Brad Lidge: whichever HOU puts as reliever
Brandon Lyon, ARI
Fernando Rodney, DET
Scott Proctor, NYY
Rafeal Soriano, ATL
Taylor Tankersley, FLA
Aaron Heilman, NYM
Juan Rincon, MIN
Kiko Calero, OAK

How could the guy above me NOT put Broxton? Probably the best set-up man in baseball behind Zumaya, Linebrink, and Shields

Problem with jays?

Juan Rincon
Pat Nyshek
Jesse Crain
Mike Stanton
Joel Zumaya
Mike Mcdougal
Scot Shields

I need your help, i have a signed baseball w/ last name Mc.?

scott shields, bob wickman, luis vizcaino,

Well, Red Sox fans?

Ricardo Rincon Twins
Scott SHields Angels
Wheeler (though he is now the closer) Astros
Mike Gonzalez Braves
Luis Vizcaiano Yankees
Aaron Heilman Mets
Joel Zumaya Tigers
Rafael Soriano Braves
Scott Linebrink Padres
David Weathers Reds
Pat Neshak Twins
Justin Speier Angels
Fernando Rodney Tigers
Scott Proctor Yankees
Duaner Sanchez (Injured, done for season) Mets

THose are the best in pens around league who dont close.

Are there any racial issues with Barry Bonds breaking the home run record?

Scott Linebrink - Padres
Cla Meredith - Padres
Chad Qualls - Astros
Jonathan Broxton - Dodgers
Mike Timlin - Red Sox
Mike Gonzalez - Braves
Rafael Soriano - Braves
Scot Shields - Angels
Justin Speier - Angels
Scott Proctor - Yankees
Duaner Sanchez - Mets
Chad Bradford - Orioles
Joel Zumaya - Tigers
Pat Neshek - Twins
Danys Baez- Orioles

The all time offensive team?

Scott Proctor- Yankees


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