Any one on here play baseball?

i play baseball and i love it, its the game that i love and will never stop its so much fun id play it everyday if i was able so thats the kind of people that i wanna talk to on here people that are devoted to sports and love playin them i dont care what sport it is


Where can i sell basball cards online?


On MLB '07, Can you update the rosters once playing the season mode?

baseball yessssss

What happened to the previous Angels tv announcers?

my friend does!hes a professional baseball player and a professional basketball player!

Why is Jeff Weaver still in the Majors?

Yea. well, i play softball and i am either at practice,a game or running so yea im pretty devoted... i also play basketball, football(for fun), field hockey( sometimes), and soccer (with friends)!! I LOVE SPORTS!!!!!

If you had to make a baseball team of all Latin players?

i play for my highskool...we practice or hava game every day...its sick as hell

When does the baseball season really kick off?

yea i play baseball.

In ur opinion, who is the most overrated baseball player?

it is the best! In fact i have my uniform on right now!

Why are there 4 teams in the AL West and 6 teams in the NL Central? Why don't they move one team over?

I love baseball dearly. I play first base

Can the royals beat the twins today??

hell yea
just that our freshmen team sux a** in the last (and the first) 3 games weve played weve given up 46 total runs and only scored 1 run
but still i love the game

Whats the best experience you had in a baseball stadium?

Miami heat win

What is the yankees problem? there numbers r terrrible.?

I LOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE Baseball. I plan on playing in the majors.

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