"Hit By Pitch" Is a big problem that risks injuries in baseball, what should be done to stop this?

Question:Some HBP are intentional and some are accidents, but wether it's one or the other, should there be or not be some kind of punishment other than just being ejected from a game?

Ozzie Guillen - Always feels like getting revenge, once his players gets HBP, and end up taking revenge by doing the very same thing.

2nd and 4th Inning vs. Texas (06 Season) A.J. Pierzynski had been beaned by Rangers' starter Vicente Padilla.

Wanting revenge, Ozzie tells his rookie Sean Tracey to do the same thing, but when failed, he sends him back to the AAA's.

Justin Morneau gets beaned in the face with a fastball vs. White Sox and was named out for the rest of 05 Season.

Many more problems with this HBP. Should there be a punishment for any pitcher who hit's a player?

Opinons, opinions.


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It's Part Of The Game!

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Nothing can be done. It's not like you can perfectly predict where the ball will go.

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Its just part of the game whether its intentioanl or accidental. What are you gonna do, start fining guys who let an inside pitch get away?? As a pitcher, you have to be able to throw inside to be really effective and sometimes a batter just happens to get in the way of the ball. For the most part, I'm not talking about guys that are going head hunting here, getting hit by a pitch is no big deal.

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its part of the game, there is no crying in baseball

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It's part of the game.you should have been around when Don Drysdale was playing. He would level a batter in a New York second. Bob Gibson would plant one in your ear also. It is a pitcher's way of "setting you up."

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i think that intentional hit by pitches are terrible, and yes they are very painful and shouldn't be tolerated

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Being UNintentionally hit by a pitch is one thing... but if there is evidence or "strong" suspicion that the "beaner" was INTENTIONAL... then throw the book at the guy. If it was a manager/coach encouraging such behavior, they should be fined and/or suspended, too. And if the manager punishes a play for refusing to bean someone, that's just outrageous in my book.

As for retaliatory beaning, that should also definately be punished. I have read baseball biographies, and it is a "common" practice to do so, unfortunately. The league will continue to be as vigilant as possible to curb the practice and punish it when it occurs.

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Your biggest problem: Who is going to decide if it was intentional or not? I know in a lot of cases it is pretty clear but there are a lot where it's not. If you don't like it my suggestion would be to watch golf. HBP has been a part of baseball since the beginning so just leave my beloved game alone!!

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HBP is part of the game. Good pitchers take ownership of the inside corner and if hitters try to cheat in on the plate, they get one in the ribs. Half of all HBP are the hitters fault for leaning over the plate to catch outside pitches. You have to let pitchers be able to pitch the inside of the zone; otherwise you give a huge advantage to hitters.

I don't think there should be any more punishment for pitchers than maybe a one game suspension when the beaning is oubviously intentional. You cannot make it more severe because you would give too big of an advantage to hitters like Bonds, Vina and Jose Guillen who like to stand with their elbows in the strike zone.

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It's only a problem when a hot head like Guillen is around.

Hit batters have always been around. But for a player to be hit in or near the head is almost always a mistake.

For the most part, pitchers will "take care" of their hitters by retaliating in some manner. That retaliation can be in the form of "dusting" an opposing player instead of hitting him. It's about sending a message that this stops here and now, and that message doesn't have to be sent by hitting another batter.

What doesn't help is that hitters feel that they can stand just about on top of the plate and get away with it. In point of fact, if a player does that, hangs over the strike zone, and the pitch hits him but is within the strike zone, it's actually a stike and not a hit by pitch.

The rule book allows the chief umpire of the game to toss any pitcher whom he suspects of intentionally throwing at a batter. It can happen with or without warnings. But if a warning has been given to a pitcher, it must also be given to both dugouts, as it applies to all of the pitchers in the game, as well as to both managers. Yes, if after a warning has been issued, if a batter is hit by a pitch and the head umpire feels that it was intentional, both that pitcher and his manager are thrown out of the game.

The commissioner has the power to suspend any pitcher and any manager for these instances, and it has happened.

Hit by pitch has been a part of the game for as long as the game has been around. There is nothing that you or anyone else can do to stop the intentional acts, and there certainly is no way to stop a ball from slipping out a pitcher's hand and hitting a batter.

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Nothing should be done; part of the game is knowing that you can be drilled. If you can't get out of the way you then take your base; if you are mad charge the mound. You didn't even mention the guys who lean in and take them intentionally.

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It's a part of the game. Now, certainly if it is intentional and it leads to injury, baseball has not shied away from suspending pitchers and managers who do that. However, you can't take it totally away from the game. Once in a while, a pitch slips, and when a ball like that hits you from 60 feet away at 90 mph, there will be injuries. Can you take away the line drive which knocks the pitcher unconscious?

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Nothing. Its part of the game, they better not start wearing helmets with face masks like little leaguers do. It's just a baseball, it's not like they are prize fighters!


Getting hit by a pitch is part of the game. A pitcher can be tossed by the umpire if he hits a pitcher.

Nothing can be done in the NL, but in the AL get rid of the darn DH and let pitchers bat and face retribution.

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It's a mans game..players know the risks.

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