All around which of these ten hitters is the best?

Alex Rodriguez, Vladimir Guerrero, Albert Pujols, Carl Crawford, Jose Reyes, David Ortiz, Veron Wells, Miguel Cabera, Alfonso Soriano, or Howie Kendrick?


Isn't it too premature for people to get excited about a-rod of the yankees?

Give me Jose Reyes. 64 bags, 17 Triples last season. The guy can fly, excellent hitter and even has a little power (19 dingers). He hit .300 last season with nearly 200 hits. Not to mention he's a better fielder than Pujols. But Pujols would be my second choice. A-Rod is weak in the clutch, but he'd be my 3rd choice based on everything else he does.

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Albert Pujols

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Wells, he can field too.

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David Ortiz!

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Miguel Cabrera. He hits consistently, even when he has little talent around him to protect him. A-Rod and Pujols are hard to place 2nd and 3rd, but they have so much talent around them, it is hard to compare apples to apples.

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Out of those ten hitters, I go with Vlad. He can hit anything, doesn't matter where the pitch is thrown.

However, the best hitter right is last year's AL batting champion, Joe Mauer

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Thats an easy question, its obviously Howie Kendrick. How dare you put out such an easy question!

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pujols. while alex might hit a few more homers (but only a couple), pujols is a much better hitter, he challenges for a batting title every year. the only other hitter ont his list in the category is ortiz, and he really benefits from the depth of the boston lineup. soriano can probably hit the ball farther than anyone else on this list, but he strikes out way too much and doesn't hit for a high average

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Alex Rodriguez because he can hit for power one year he hit 52 hr next year he hit 57hr he can hit for average he hit over .300 multiple seasons he's on pace to break multiple records Pete Roses record for most hits, Hank Aaron's record for home runs and he already broke the record for the youngest player to hit 400 home runs and is about to break the record for the youngest to hit 500 home runs so it has to Alex Rodriguez without a doubt.

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Pujois has the best combination of average, power, and RBI's of anyone in baseball- now I presume this doesn't factor in speed or you'd have to put Reyes and Crawford higher on the list.

On hitting only
Rodriguez- more HR power than anyone on this list but Pujois
Guerrero- hits for better average than Ortiz
Soriano- doesn't hit for average

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I would have to say Miguel Cabrera. He does it all. He was second in the NL in batting average last year and will probably be first this year. He can hit it anywhere for a single, double, triple, or home run. His only problem right now is the team he plays for. He gets no respect because of the batters around him and their innability to get on base. So far, this year seems better and hopefully for Cabrera's sake, it will continue.

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Pujols, but you can certainly make an argument for arod

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I'd be glad to have anyone of them but for my money its AP

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Although I am an avid Yankees fan and I want to say A-Rod, I'm gonna have to go with my gut and say Albert Pujols. That guy is just awesome!!!

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The best hitter is Pujols. You can make a case for most of them but I will take Pujols any day

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