Any Braves Fans?

Isnt there a way we can just stop paying that washed up SOB that will yet again be missing a season due to an injury? yeah thats right im talking about that good for nothing mike hampton, what a rediculous idea it was to get him oon our team. Why did we do it in the first place? he's never(except for one year with the astros) been all that great of a pitcher. and now, here he is on the braves just sitting back collecting a check and "recovering". watch, you'll see the money that we have paid him for doing nothing will end up being the same money that we could have kept Andruw with after this season. your thoughts?


How do you think the Yankees will do this year?

In a since I agree with you but being a Braves fan I was thrilled when we got him, but a GM doesn't know down the line if a player is going to get hurt. He had a pretty good 2003 where he went 14-8 with a 3.84 ERA now that doesn't blow you away by any means but that's a pretty good year for a pitcher not known as a standout. As for his salary it would have been nice to save a little chunk of his salary to help in re-signing Andruw Jones but if the Braves do what I think they'll do they'll do whatever it takes to keep Jones in a Braves uniform for the remainder of his career.. So if a GM could see the injuries of a player before signing/drafting them then a lot of teams wouldn't have made the moves they did as an example if the GM of the Cubs would have known that Woods and Prior would be injured every year he wouldn't have selected Prior in the first round. I think the Braves have enough young arms to fill the void while Hampton is gone and at season's end the Braves will have re-signed Andruw Jones.

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