Alex rodriguez entering prime or lucky streak?


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He's in a lucky streak. He'll start to choke here before long.

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ARod is in about the 4th or 5th year of his prime. So enjoy it while it lasts, a pure power hitter that doesnt use roids. (Yet) He may wind up being the best player we ever see in out lifetime. Love him or hate him (I despise him) he really is an amazing baseball player.

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Rodriguez is a few years into his prime and it isn't a lucky streak because he has always hit alot of home runs. He is the best player in baseball and will eventually break the home run record if he stays healthy.

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a-rod is just truly an amazing doesnt matter if he is on a lucky streak or not...i wouldnt even call it a lucky streak if he has done it so many times in his career...i don't see how anybody could think that he is just getting he has now gone with the pants up seems to be working...

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lucky streak?? are you mad? A-Rod has been and will be the best overall hitter in the game as soon as Bonds retires, but A-Rod is the epitomy of baseball studdery. He's had it rough since joining the Yanks, by rough I mean 30+HR,100+RBI's compared to 50+ HRand 130+RBI's. Trust me when I say that there is a reason why he is paid over 25Million a year, his adjustment timer in NYC's media circus is over, I hate the Yanks but admire the players especially A-Rod and Jeter. P.S. Posada is pretty good too for a catcher.

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He is starting to fit in with the team so he is getting comfortable therefore he will do better than previous seasons with the yanks.

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Its not his lucky streak...he is always great no matter if the fans are booing him or not. A-Rod kicks butt. GO A-ROD! GO YANKEES!

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