Anyone have any Manny Ramirez wallpapers?

im looking on the internet for some good manny ramirez computer wallpapers and i cant really find any. im also banned from wcremixs forum and thats where i used to get many of them so if you have any good manny walls could u post the link here. thanks a lot.


I have listed the Los Angeles Angels in the Sport list and you do not list their games. Why?

Upper Deck has it. Go to

What is the Philadelphia Phillies life time record (percentage)?

i hate manny ramirez, hes so stuck up, and hes on the red sox, but anyways, try searching google.

Who will win Golden Glove?


Is milwaukee brewers pitcher, chris capuano married?


The yankees/redsox rivalry?

He wallpapered half of my den, then signed with Boston and refuses to finish the job.

7 games out! can yankees catch boston this year?

I got 2 of them on my wall.

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