Amateur baseball question?

i dunno much about baseball. if somebody is running to 3rd and the pitcher just throws the ball, can they stay on 3rd base if the batter's hit ball gets caught?


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Well, they might and might not. Let's look at 2 plays and they may help.

1) Runner on 2nd stealing third. Ball hit on ground to 1st baseman, who fields and touches first base for the out on the batter. Then, the runner may stay at 3rd.

2) This time the ball is batted and caught in the air by the fielder, the runner must return to 2nd safely before a fielder has the ball and is standing on 2nd or tags him or he is at risk of being called out.

Hope this helps.

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no they can't...if the runner takes off before the ball is caught in the air he can be thrown out at what ever base he started at that must "tag up" which means wait until the player catches it and then you run...but you should only do this if the ball is in the outfield or you will be out easily.......if its a ground ball and the fielder gets it then the runner doesn't have to tag up and he can go whenever

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stick to something you know

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