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Question:1st one to get it right, you will get 10 points!
there are only 2 managers in baseball right now that haved played for joe torre. one of them was ron gardenhire, who is the other?


Seattle Mariners vs Oakland Athletes, predictions for Opening Day.?

Joe Torre. Player/ manager. U got that 1 from the Yankee game the other night, and that's where I got the answer.

The Cleveland Indians weakness?

Yankees suck,but the Red Sucks suck more!

Ned Yost ,IDK

Most embarassing moment in MLB History for a player??

tony la russa

What are some good and cheap wooden baseball bat brands/types?

Davey Johnson

Shoulder pains?

Probably Willie Randolph.

Who will win the MLB N.L. East?

Joe G.

How do i convince a coworker that liking the Boston Red Sox just isn't worth it?

The Manager for the Mets Willie Randolph.

A-Rod has hit more home runs than what two MLB teams?

Joe Torre was still a player when he managed the Mets in 1977.

When will the Twins drop Ponson?!?

Joe Girardi played with the yankees under torre management and aas manager of the marlins last year.

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