Anyone seen that Sportscenter Ad?

So an ad for Sportscenter today, where David Ortiz, and Jorge Posada are sitting in an office at ESPN and Papi's razzing Posada about his hat being in good shape. Posada replies with I'm a catcher I don't wear that thing, so Papi offers to break it in for him and puts it on. Then the Sox mascot walks by and sees Papi wearing a Yankees hat, and just stands there in stunned disbelief. Had to be the funniest Sportscenter ad since the Steve Irwin (RIP) tackling the Florida Gators mascot.


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Yeah I saw that, it was freaking hilarious looking at the Sox's mascot's face! He was like, "What the."

Check it out here:

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loved that commercial. been trying to find it on youtube with no luck.

Yankees are horrible right now, who is for red sox nation?

Yes, that is a great commercial. My family and I just laughed when we saw that. Those two guys are very good in it.

Not to get technical, but Big Papi doesn't wear a hat too often either, just a batting helmet.

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It was great ,the other one is hip,hip jorge!! hip,hip jorge!

Where did Gabe Kapler ( of the Red Sox ) go?

That is a great ad. I'm not a fan of either team, but I did enjoy that one.

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