"Cheating" in Baseball?

Now that the issue of cheating in baseball is a hot subject due to steroid use, some pose that those players should be banned from baseball, their records not recognized or not allowed in the HOF. Does this mean going back and removing the known doctors-of-the-baseball pitchers already in the HOF?


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What's good for the goose...and for Warren 15, both issues equal cheating so I'm wondering if you think that one should be excusable...?

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I think they should. Bye bye everybody. Name a pitcher that has never cheated weather is was steroids, pine tar, spit or some other substance. Steroids have been around for long, the Dan Patrick show talked about a player who admitted to useing a substance that is a steroid in the late 18 hundreds. How do we know Babe Ruth didn't cheat?

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It's funny how certain things are taboo (gambling), certain things are bad moving forward (steroids), and things like snot-balls are punchlines in MAJOR LEAGUE.

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How would you go about deciding who to throw out and who to keep? Professional baseball players are no different than professionals in any other sport in that at that level of competition, the line between success and failure is very thin. They will look for any little thing that gives them an edge and in so doing will push the limits of the rulebook as far as they can get away with.

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It does not "mean" that, but surely doctoring the ball and doctoring your own body with drugs are quite different issues.


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Hey I agree with you, players have been cheating for as long as baseball has been around. There is no telling what Ruth did in his day.

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There is a pretty good chance that there are some people in the hall of fame that did cheat at some level. It would be almost impossible to track the evil deeds down, who did them and when. The point is that if someone has been caught cheating something has to be done. Perfect example is Pete Rose. He cheated, he bet on the game as a player/manager. He claimed that he bet on his team to win every time. That, in itself, is very hard to believe. Shaving runs as to not win or lose by certain scores could be extremely attractive when big money is on the line. Point is, if you catch someone in the act of cheating and don't do anything about it, it destroys the integrity of the game. It would kill the sport and that is what is being protected here.

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