Any active starting pitchers with great success after Tommy John surgery?

Just wondering if there are any active starters with good stats, after they have underwent Tommy John surgery at any point in their careers.


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Chris Capuano had it in 2002. In 2005 he won 18 games and was an all-star in 2006.

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There are to many to list!

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Yes there are quite a few pitchers who have come back from Tommy John surgurey and been successful. One of the things they say about it is that pitchers need a lot of recovery time after getting it so they have a lot of time to heal their body and strengthen their throwing arm for a lot longer then they might have origianlly. A lot of the times especially now a days pitchers come back even stronger and better then before so what was once looked upon as a very bad thing might not be so bad afterall after the initial rehab period.

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Actually Tommy John who pitched (1963-1989) for Cleveland, Chiago White Sox, LA Dodgers, NY Yankees and Oakland A's and for who the surgery is named after as he was the first one to have it done and was the FIRST to successfully comeback from this surgery!

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Not many people know this but David Wells holds the record for most wins after Tommy John surgery with 197 wins.

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