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Question:Hey guys, im in a 12 player league, (head to head), and my hitters are doing well. I need some advice on my pitching, though. I had arroyo and daniel cabrera (I like his Ks) and out of my stupidity dropped them because of their bad starts, although I did pick up lincecum and willits (to replace struggling Abreu for now) for them. Should I pick one of them (or both of them) up? If so, who should I drop or trade away and wat can I get for them? This is a very competitive league and it is hard to benefit from trades.

My team:
C Paul Lo Duca
1B Carlos Delgado
2B Freddy Sanchez
SS Carlos Guillen
3B Arod
1B Paul Konerko
OF Vernon Wells
OF Bobby Abreu
OF Nick Markakis
OF Curtis Granderson
OF Reggie Willits

SP Barry Zito
SP Tim Linecum
RP Mariano Rivera
RP Juan Rincon
SP Nate Robertson
SP Tim Hudson
SP Andy Pettitte
SP Chien Ming Wang
SP Roger Clemens

Thanks a lot.


SF Giants fans!Who here hates Barry Zito already?

Your starting pitching seems strong enough, especially with the boost you'll get with Clemens. Your bullpen is nonexistent though. I'd recommend dropping a couple guys to get bullpen help. Two or three solid middle relievers, like Broxton/Neshek/Okajima/Soriano etc. will give you more K's, lower ERA and WHIP, more saves and equal wins than any one pitcher on your entire staff. Just shuttle them in and out when your starters are off.

I would drop Willits, who is going to platoon at best when Garrett Anderson returns. Clemens or Hudson will probably have decent trade value right now and could maybe land you a closer. Also, there are rumors that Ryan Dempster may be moved out of the closer role and be replaced with Angel Guzman for the Cubs. Maybe you want to sit on him. Unless you get a couple more decent releivers, you are going to struggle in Saves, ERA, and Whip, which is 30% of the game.

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I wouldn't bother picking them up at the moment. It doesn't seem like adding them would improve your team. And that would be the ONLY reason to pick someone up.

I would keep a close eye on Zito, he has traditionally slow starts and tends to get hot in the second half but if he continues his horrible play he may not be worth that sacrifice.

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If you pick one up Willits is the only one I see you should drop

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Fantasy sports have their own section. Maybe this can be moved where more people with answers you're looking for will see it.

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Keep Lincecum, pick up Arroyo again. Drop Rincon or Zito to do it. Keep an eye on Cabrera though, like you said his K's are nice; and he could turn it on in a big way at some point.
Then drop the other one ( Rincon/Zito) to pick up Gregg or Accardo, cause you need saves. When/if Clemens returns to form, drop Robertson and grab another RP.

Zito makes a ton of money and is a great pitcher, I'm just not sure he's a good fantasy option when there are guys like Arroyo and Cabrera on the waiver wire.

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Players to drop

C Paul Lo Duca
1B Paul Konerko
OF Bobby Abreu
OF Nick Markakis
OF Curtis Granderson

SP Barry Zito

Here is what I do, if you are in Yahoo's league, go to add a player, search for players using last month total as an option, then sort by actual rank. You should find some hidden gems (Carlos Pena/Dan Johnson @1st or Napoli @C). Zito sucks he is fantasy suicide.

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