2007 Home Run Race.?

Question:3 BIG NAMES THIS YEAR are close to important individual milestones in the all time home run race...

1. Hank Aaron 755 - ALL TIME HOME RUN KING!

2. Barry Bonds (Active) 737 - NEEDS 18 TO TIE RECORD!

5. Sammy Sosa (Active) 589 - NEEDS 11 TO REACH 600!

23. Frank Thomas 488 - NEEDS 12 TO REACH 500!

Which will get their individual home run milestone 1st?

Will it be Bonds, Sosa, or Thomas?


I'm looking for Red Sox tickets for my brother. What is considered an obstructed view at Fenway Park?

Sammy Sosa in all likelihood will reach first he has been known to explode in the weirdest of occasions. Thomas would be next hes still the big hurt and is a monster at DH.Bonds I hate to say it but will break Hanks record after all.. and everyone says by June or July it will be all said and done.

I feel sorry for Hank Aaron being our hometown hero!

Who will be the best Tigers pitcher at the end of the season?

Frank Thomas

What Time does The 'Opening Day' Thing for baseball end?


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1st. Bonds
2nd. Thomas
3rd. Sosa

They will all get to there milestone this year.

Who is the best young player in the Majors that noone has heard of?

Barry Bonds

What is the worst/best moment in Cleveland Sports history?

Bonds because he hit 2 yesterday and he is healthy. He is on a roll. He mite get 460 at the end of this year!

Are Minnesota fans really that surprised that they are 18-19?

Bonds is already dialed in. Thomas and Sosa are washed up

Where's Josh Bonifay?

Frank Thomas for sure

Do you agree that there should be a PENALTY for an intentional walk?

Slammin' Sammy will reach it first.

Anybody know the name of the 90's baseball sitcom?

I do not care about any of them but I hope frank thomas, at least he is not on roids!!

Should Barry Bonds steroid powered homeruns be disallowed ?

Sosa because Bonds is on roids

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Sosa will be first because he's been hitting for power already this year and he's the closest to doing it. Bonds will probably be next but it will take a couple months for him to get there. And Frank will be last. He's closer than Bonds but he has looked lost at the plate so far this year. I think all three will get there at some point this year, but it might take longer than any of them want it to.

Who will catch for the Mets tomorrow? 04/20/07?

Probably Sosa, because he plays in Texas(small stadium), but Bonds will be right there.

How long does it take for a fastball to reach the plate?

I think all 3 of these things will happen

To Cincy Reds fans: how do you feel about Barry Bonds?

I think it will be Bonds. Frank Thomas isn't living up to his rep so far this year.

Why when i bat am swinging up people tell me and am not hitting it?


Why Are Yankee Fans so Ignorant?

Bonds...hands down!!

In Baseball if there are runners on first and third with one out. The batter flies out.?

Who is this "Bonds' character ? Is he the one about to be indicted? Who cares? He's probably just on something undetectable for the past few years. "Better records through chemicals."...or whatever that phrase is. Maybe he should take a year off like Sammy did and dry out before he resumes. No...never mind. Get your hollow record.and both of you please go away.

What team did detroit beat to get in the world series.?

it will be thomas because of the fact he is on a good hitting ball club and unlike bonds and sosa is consistant.

Will the jays win wed. against detroit?

A rod hits number 500. Kidding, he is hot but not that hot.

I think it will be Barry. He is looking like the Barry of 2004 when he won MVP. Are steroids involved? That is up to each individual to decide, unless Bonds is convicted.

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