A runner tries to steal 3rd base on a 3-2 count, on ball 4 the catcher throws the ball towards third base?

missing the third baseman and into left field. Now the runner continues to home plate, should the runner go back to third or should he be allowed to score on the bad throw to third?


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that depends if someone is on first base. if no one is on first and he tries to steal 3rd the catcher has a legit play to try and throw him out. but if someone is on first and ball 4 is called the runner can walk to third and not be called out.

if not runner is on first and the catcher tries throwing him out and the ball gets away the runner can score and should not be put back on third.

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On a ball 4 pitch. The ball is considered dead. The runner stays at 2nd if there isn't anyone on first base prior to the ball 4. The batter now goes to first. Runners on 1st and 2nd.

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The ball is live and the runner can advance at his own risk.

Runners who are forced to advance due to the walk are entitled to the one base, but all runners are allowed to attempt advancing more at their own risk. Not something often seen today, but sometimes the attentive runner can catch the defense lollygagging.

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It is an error, and the runner can take as many bases as he can get. If ball 4 had gotton past the catcher, the ball is still live, and all runners can advance at their own risk. If the catcher overthrows the mound, all runners can advance at their own risk. The play is not dead until the umpire calls time.

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the runner stealing third at his own risk, he can score because the catcher elected to make a play on him.

error - catcher, run scores.

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The runner on third is allowed to score. He can advance at his own risk.

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He can try to score on the bad throw.

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I would think he would score, not 100% sure though.

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the runner should be allowed to score on the bad throw because you cannot assume of ball 4 so the runner has the right to steal third and the catcher to make a play on the runner if he makes an error the ball is still a live ball .

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Why wouldn't he be allowed to score if he can? I'm not sure what your question is. The ball is not dead on a base on balls.

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