Anybody got a theory as to why offense keeps going up?

Question:This has been one of the coldest Aprils on record (how many times have we had snow in April?), yet we're seeing an unprecedented amount of home runs.

It also can't be steroids. If baseball players were juicing again, more of them would have been caught by now.

Any idea as to how A-Rod can hit 14 home runs in 18 games during a colder-than-average April or how a 42-year-old Barry Bonds can be having one of his best years?


Who are some of the best defensive players by position?

The overall standard of pitching has declined over the last 20 years and the remaining very good pitchers are spread amongst more teams because of expansion.

How many balls, on average, are used in a Major League Baseball game?


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Well if you think about it, you would realize that pitchers were probably also steroid users not so much to bulk up but to be able to throw harder & more pitches on less rest. So maybe they are just cleaning up their act and what you are seeing is a whole lot of weak pitchers getting worse.

Why is Mariano Rivera allowed to wear #42 if it is retired throughout baseball? Is it because he's a Yankee??

I think maybe the short answer is that alot of the pitchers were on the juice too and as far as Barry, I don't have an answer, I am actually dumbfounded but at the same time, glad that I took him in the late rounds of my fantasy drafts.
Only things I can think of are blood doping or the "whizzinator." LOL.

Why does it seem like most players are off to a weak offensive start this season?

the baseballs have been replaced by alien testicles to destroy evidnece from area 51 by the government! They are lightweight and easily hittable, with telepathic abilities that allows the hitters to project where the pitches are going! LOL!

Actually, it probably HGH!

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I think there's a lot of bad pitchers out there.

What is the average weight of a mlb pitcher who is 5'11 or 6'0?

baseball has thinned itself out with too many teams, which in turns creates too many pitchers in the majors that shouldn't be there. While most of the hitters are probably juiced..most of the pitchers suck

Do you think the Los Angeles Dodgers will have a sucessful season this year? Maybe even be World series champs

Well, they wouldn't necessarily be caught if they were using steroids. There are plenty of designer steroids MLB doesn't test for, nor do they test for HGH.

As for ARod, the guy is just a great hitter. He has a real chance to be the all-time leader in home runs, runs scored and RBI before age 38. He's already the all-time leader in home runs before the age of 30.

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steroids, small parks and the talent has been deluded.

What is Derek Jeter's song when he comes up to bat?

The cold weather affects pitchers just as much as it does hitters, your seeing alot more bad pitches being taken advantage of.

Damion Easley?

Update - Espn has an article on offense being down in April due to the cold.

Actually I think that other than a few players, offense is actually down this year. I saw something to that affect last week on Baseball tonight.

Bonds - other than steroids, think of where he plays! West coast is not that cold.

A-Rod is just in the zone, weather is not going to affect that.

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hope it's not 'roids....

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The offense isn't going up! April offense was terrible. It hasn't been this bad since 1993.

Home runs fell 20 percent, from an average of 2.31 to 1.84 per game.

Scoring dropped 8 percent, from 9.86 to 9.08 runs per game.

Batting average fell from .265 to .256 and the ERA fell from 4.62 to 4.12.

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