Any reds or giants player will make the NL all-star team?


Does Scott Kazmir or Justin Verlander or Josh Beckett have a chance at the AL Cy Young Award?

All teams have at least on representative every year. that is a yes both the reds and giants will have a player to make the allstar team. Bonds will be voted on. any others will probably be placed on by the manager.

Red Sox Fans Only...?

Barry Bonds, even though everyone hates him

Reds..hmm no one

A quick fantasy baseball question.?

Barry Bond b/c the game is held at his home staduim

How to increase arm strength?

Bonds, Dunn, Harang

How do you shape new era baseball hats so the lid is curved?

I think Bonds is a lock for the All-Star Team. He's playing like an MVP candidate thus far. Josh Hamilton might go from the Reds if he continues to play as good as he has been.

The two of them are great stories. Bonds is the 42-year-old slugger that everybody thought was washed up. Hamilton was a former first pick in the baseball draft who became a drug addict (the recreational variety, which has always had harsher penalties than the performance-enhancing variety), cleaned up his act, and returned to make the Reds major league team and become a star.

Any one want to join a fantasy baseball league?

Besides possibly Bonds, Dunn, Harang.I think Zito has a chance as well.

Red sox fans read this!?

Nowadays, each team is guaranteed to get at least one All-Star.
From the Giants, I'd take Matt Cain as the best player on their team, but Zito is more likely to go to the All-Star game.
From the Reds, Phillips is one of the top second basemen in the NL, which isn't saying too much. Other than him, Arroyo and Harang both would be considered the more likely representatives.

Beltran and Ordonez for Crawford and Rollins?

Giants-Barry Zito, Barry Bonds and maybe Ray Durham.

Reds-Bronson Arroyo,David Weathers, Adam Dunn, Ken Griffey Jr.(if healthy), Jeff Conine

What is the W-L series history of Dodgers vs. Giants?

Every team must have at least one player, so yes, someone from both those teams will get in.

Who has the most homeruns in any USA league including old Negro League so don't say it's HANK AARON?

for the giants is Omar Vizquel- may be barry bonds, may be zito

for the reds may be gonzalez and arroyo ( MAY BE)

Who's a yankee hater?

last year Smict or w/e the pitcher for the Giants I think made it

What are A-Rod's chances at a triple crown?

Armando Benitez he is pitching great out of the pen of course it is not Sept yet

Have you ever been to minute maid park?

Every team has at least one player in All Star Game each year.
Bonds and Alex Gonzalez are likely to be there if were now

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