Any Chance?

I know it is early, but anyone think the Cubs can win there division, and the Brewers will crumble?? I know the cub bashing is coming but I am a loyal fan.


Surprise Surprise.?

It is still plenty early for a turn of events. Look at the Twins last year they didn't start playing good to great ball until the end of June.

Is joe morgan as stupid as i think he is?


Nolan ryan or randy johnson?

The problem in this scenario isn't the Cubs, it's the Brewers, who are legit. See the Tigers last year and the Sox the year before as similar stories. The whole team had last year as a learning experience and they really seem to be building on it. Like with the Jays, my team, the fear shouldn't be whether the Cubs can play better, it should be whether it is already too late to catch up to a good team playing well out in front.
In both cases, I'd bet the answer is it is too late.
Wild card, anyone?

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