Should the all star game determine who gets home field advantage?

I dont think it should but it does make it more exciting when there's something at stake


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Nope. If they want to base it on something, try one of the following:

- The head-to-head record of the two teams in the current season against each other (assuming they played).
- If they didn't play each other, the head-to-head record of the National vs. American leagues during the current season.

Anything other than the All Star Game which has always been an exhibition. To say now this game means something is just ridiculous. The fact is that it has always meant something - a chance for fans to see all the top players in one game. That's what it was created for and that's what it should remain.

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yes because we can see the all stars at their best in other sports they just play for fun and it is not as competitive

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Of course not. Home field advantage in post-season play should always go to the team with the best winning percentage on the season. What's that you say, what if there's a tie? How about the head-to-head record of the two teams, then the team that won the first game between the two in that season. As for the World Series, if the teams are tied, let's to go overall league records in interlague play.

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Crowley i think you hit the nail on the head. I like the fact that they are playing for something in the allstar game, but dont like it being for home field advantage. Also dont like them taking turns. I think team with best record should have home field advantage.

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No. It's a terrible system. The American league is by far a better league, so 9 out of 10 times, they'll get homefield advantage. It should either be whoever got the most wins in the season, or just rotate between leagues like it used to.

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Well since my team is in the A.L I do like it. If they were from the N.L I am sure I would not like it but ya it makes the game more exciting.

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No, it has been a horrible idea. The All-Star game is an exhibition game and the players still play it as such. Why would a Kansas City Royal, who has to be on the team, care whether the AL had homefield or not? The players play the game so they do not get hurt or they decline their invitation to play based on a fictious injury.

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no they should stop interleague play and the all star will become relevent again. about the world series it should be like before every it changes from national league to the amarican league and vice versa.

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No, it shouldn't decide anything. The All-Star game is an exhibition and not even of the best players in each league. The starting line-ups are decided by fan vote, not by any real statistical measure of value and the pitching staffs are decided by a manager who has incentives to give his own players preference, i.e. appearance bonuses for his guys. Worse still, every team has to have a representative so that there is a very real possibility that home field advantage in the playoffs will be decided by a late inning match-up between a Royal's hitter versus a National's pitcher. Let the team with the best record have home field, the same way it is done in every other major sport.

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