10 points Red Sox -- Yankee question (simple)?

10 points to whomever predicts who wins game one tonight...and WHY (one sentence explanations only).


Race in Baseball?

Yankees---- Because THEY HAVE to win tonight.

Circumstances to record a save in MLB?

Yankees, because ummm. Chien-ming Wang will pitch seven innings and give up just 2 runs. Meanwhile, a three run home run will be hit by the Yankees.

Is a Softball harder or a Baseball? Or do they have the same hardness?

Red Sox ... cuz THE RED SOX KICK A.SS! ... especially SAD LITTLE PU.SSY YANKEE A.SS

What would your dream lineup be?

One word WANG!

Who would you rather have as your franchise player. David Wright or miguel Cabrera?

red sox 6-3

red sox are pitching better than the yankees..

Are you going to acknowledge Barry Bonds as the home run king?

Bosox, bc in reality: the yanks are horrible although Arods the best player in the game.

Whats a Good HomeRun Batting Avg?

Yankees...They will win , they will have lady luck on their side

When do u think the cubs will trade or get rid of prior or wood?

Red Sox 6-1 Wakefield's knuckle ball will be moving all over the place and Wang isn't really too impressive this year

There is no shortage of baseball rules trivia, right?

Yankees Because I do not like Boston, and the Yankees are my team. Also they need to crawl out of there hole some time.

Will Giant 's fans and Barry Bonds butt kissers ever admit they are in denial?

Yankees-----b/c they have Wang pitching and he's an amazing pitcher.and plus the team is tired of losing against them and they are going to come out strong and win the game. GO YANKEES!

I have a smaller card that has Honus Wagner's picture info about 1910 Tobacco card on back . Any value?

Boston - their bullpen superiority



Who is your favourite team in baseball?

The red sox will win because they have the best all around team, they have a bullpen, starters, and offence, while the yanks only have offence.

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