10 points Red Sox- Yankees (Not as simple)?

How wins tonight, and how many runs does the winning team score without going over??


My wife wants me to get a jj hardy rookie card for her, where do i get one?

Yankees -- They will score 6 runs.

Baseball question?

Red Sox- 7 runs

Since Carl Pavano is gonna be out for the whole year due to surgery should the yanks make a trade?

33 to 55 cowboys win

Is there a site where i can get a list of all the baseball cards that hank aaron is on?

red sox of course..final score will be 5-2

If the yankees are a championship caliber team ..?

sox 6 points

What was Mickey Mantles' number before he was number 7 ?

The Sox with 7

Girls (and guys i guess) what is with the obssion with Derek Jeter?



How come nobody acknowledges the fact that major league baseball lowered the pitching mound.?

Yankees 9 runs

Juan pierre?

Red Sox 8 Runs

Do you agree with me that.?

Yankees 7-4

Baseball Stats?

all i care their win

Who will win the CUBS SOX series This weekend?


Which Los Angeles teams Angels or Dodgers better this season?

Yankees win by five

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