A question about the "MVP Award"?

Does the MVP Award honor just for what the player did for his team last season, or does honor carry on into next season untill someone else gets it.


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The Winner would be declared the year then MVP (Example 2006 MVP) so then when there is a 2007 MVP at the end of this year the 2006 MVP keeps his award. And still keeps the honer of being the MVP of the previous year and so forth. So basically once a player gets an MVP award or any other award for that mader he's an MVP for life and beyond same with any other award.

To see proff of this see the link below

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No if someone has a break-out season they can win the MVP award. It doesn't matter at all about your seasons before. The only thing is the select people who vote for the MVP may be a little biased towards like Albert Pujols or Alex Rodriguez (very good players throughout their career). For example Adrian Beltre won it in 2004 with a huge break-out season.

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its what you did in that year

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MVP is just for one season.

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You don't get credit for being a reigning MVP, if that's what you're asking. The MVP awards, as well as all the other end-of-season awards, only cover what happened during the season.

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Interesting idea.

The award, given my public media hack sportswriters, is without meaning.
There is no categorizing definition of the prioritized qualities
a baseball offensive player has to possess in place; no mind has agreed with any other mind; it's a vote as meaningless as a presidential contest between Medieval minded failures none of whom write, believe or stand behind their unscientific take on the reality, societal constitutional questions nor economic and scientific questions.

You specific question's answer is: no carry-over exists except for mentions in publicity now and again for last year's MVP.

Also, sometimes the vote goes to those who deserved it in a prior years, not only te one just completed. Moreover, the false idea of having to be on a winning team in order to
get serious consideration is insane; add that proviso, out of control of the individual player, who is harmed not helped by being surrounded by less-competent teammates to the absence of a scientific definition in order of the qualities to be considered.
Then ask yourself how even a trained baseball expert could possibly vote intelligently on the absence of a definition applying it to only those permitted to be considered. that's crazy.

1. The number one thing for an offensive baseball player if we're only thinking about scoring runs, not fielding, is:
on base percentage--the only thing he can control.
2. Then comes his contribution relative to the position he bats in--leadoff, second, third, cleanup or fifth. Surely no one not in the top five on his team can be considered; and if you're not the best in the league at each slot, why consider that man for top honors?
3.Then comes runs scored or runs driven in; I count each stolen bases as a double, and each two as a home run,
so as to be able to compare a base stealer with a power
swinger as hitters.
4. Then you look at the size and carry in the ballpark each man plays in; some ballparks are much harder to hit home runs in than others are; a difference of 7--15 homeruns a year has been calculated as the differential.
5. Then you look at special qualities--fewest strikeouts and double plays grounded into, average with men on second or beyond, average with men on base, average with his team behind, hits in last three innings.
6. Then you add special points for base-running ability, breaking up double plays, not getting thrown out at bases,
annoying the pitcher by taking a lead, ability to bunt a runner along, avoiding prolonged slumps, etc.

Of course nowadays people add in fielding, throwing, etc. by position; but they even botch that. If they didn't, the positions in order would be catcher, shortstop, third baseman, center fielder, first baseman, second baseman, right fielder, left fielder. The pitcher in my judgment has his own award; he only plays one game in four.

Thanks for asking.

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You don't get credit for being a reigning MVP, if that's what you're asking. The MVP awards, as well as all the other end-of-season awards, only cover what happened during the season.

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It is for a single season.

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