A friend of mine said the MLB has four african-american starting pitchers. Who are they?


Would you accept this trade if I proposed it to you?

Dontrelle Willis - Marlins
Jerome Williams - Nationals
Edwin Jackson - Devil Rays
Ian Snell - Pirates

Baseball Cards?

Well I am sure he is wrong but CC Sabathia and Dontrel Willis are 2 off the top of my head.

Dont listen to Marvel below..CC is black.

How do you break in a baseball glove quickly?

Do you mean black starting pitchers? As far as I know, there aren't any MLB players from Africa.

Who is the greatest baseball hitter of all time?

dontrelle willis-Florida
cc sabathia- Cleveland
edwin jackson -Tampa
jerome williams - Washington
Darren Oliver may start every now and then

I don't think the St. Louis Cardinals got their Championship rings at the home opener did they?

I thought you were crazy when I read this but then I got to thinking and off the top of my head the only two i can think of are the Indians' C.C. Sabathia and the Marlin's Dontrelle Willis.

What do baseball journalists say about the Home Run record ?

Dontrelle Willis and CC Sabathia are 2, there are countless black starting pitchers, but i dont know the other actual "african american" starters.

How to you become a sports agent?

Jerome Williams of the Nationals; CC Sabathia of the Indians, Dontrelle Willis of the Marlins; and Ian Snell of the Pirates.

Who were the only 2 Canadian brothers to play for the Toronto Blue Jays?

Dontrelle Willis - Marlins
Jerome Williams - Nationals
Edwin Jackson - Devil Rays
Ian Snell - Pirates
C.C. Sabathia - Indians

How many current MLB players have fathers who were former players?

C.C Sabathia is hispanic and not afro-american.
Darren Oliver is not a true every day starter.

Jerome Williams - Nationals
Dontrelle Willis - Marlins
Ian Snell - Pirates
Edwin Jackson - Devil Rays

Which player holds the record for most strikeouts in a single playoff season? LOL?

CC Sabathia-He's black,I think his ansestors are forom Nigera.

Edwin Jackson-Just faced Sabathia the other day.

Darren Oliver-A starter here and there.

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