Am I the only Blue Jays fan on YA?

Everytime there's a question about fave team or player I seem to the the only one that answers Blue Jays. Just wondering.


Tv schedulefor kansas city royals?

There are some good Blue Jays around just no logged on at the time.

I'm going to Boston to a Yankees/Red Sox game on April 21st. How should I dress??

Yes now go get dirty with Vernon Wells

Tough question that i know the answer of?

Blue Jays are the best!! i love them!!

What is the highest average by a player by end of the season?

Their has to be more than you...YA is so big if the Blue Jays only have one fan on here its kind of sad.

Who is your favorite MLb player?

You may be the only one asking questions, but that doesn't make you the only fan. Or have you never seen some of my answers.

What does the infield fly rule in baseball state exactly?

nope. the jays are good.

Jose Reyes has stole more bases that who many entire teams this year?


Leading candidate's for NL Cy young and NL MVP..?

I'm a huge Jays fan, too. I mention that, too, in a lot of my answers. I grew up in Ontario, and they've been my favorite since I was a kid.

Those early '90s teams were great, but we're in some trouble this season. We've got some good talent, but it's going to be tough competing for anything better than third without Glaus, Johnson and B.J. Ryan.

Who is yankees batting coach?

No I honestly don't think so. There are other Blue Jays fans around.

Whatare the best seats you can get at Yankees Stadium (under $100)?

You know, I think you are. And, they are a respectable ball club whose pitching is suspect. However, keep rooting for them and never give up!!


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