Any one else think MLB players are too babied nowadays?

Question:You got pitchers that don't complete games. Back in the day you completed what you started, no matter how many innings the game went.

In the AL and the minors, pitchers don't even come to bat.

You have batters that look like halfway football players with all the body armor on and batting gloves.

Pitchers can't brushback batters anymore without getting a warning.

And if a player doesn't get paid a few extra MILLION dollars that he thinks he deserves, he can just go to another team. How can you fall in love with a player or even a team?? They'll just turn their back on you.

No wonder the great game of baseball isn't considered the national pasttime anymore, it's so diluted and watered-down.

I which I would've grown up when nothing else was important as baseball, when ballplayers were ballplayers.

Anyone else agree?


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in a way, yes, players are "babied" more now than in years past. however, i dont blame the teams or the players for doing so given the advanced medical knowledge and financial situation of the game.

teams literally have millions and millions of dollars in guaranteed contracts on makes perfect sense to protect their investment and not risk that extra inning out of a pitcher in a game as compared to losing him for a half or a full season with elbow or shoulder troubles. the average players career is now longer than it was in years past.

it also isnt quite just that easy for a player to go to another team.before having the freedom of free agency, a player must have no less than 6 full years major league service and has to find a team willing to pay him what he thinks he is worth.

i am one who doesnt beleive the diluted/watered down theory. although there are more teams now, the talent pool from which to choose players has grown larger than the number of additional players in the league. players overall are bigger and stronger and better conditioned than their counterparts from 30-40 plus years ago.

i have watched baseball since the mid 60's and i think the average player today is a better player than the average player then. baseball was and still is my favorite sport and pasttime.

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i agree agree agree

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i totally agree...back in the day pitchers went a complete game almost any time. plus, players make way to much money for playing a sport. I also agree that pitchers should bat no matter what!


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Welcome to the 21st century. Many of the things you are talking about are done to prolong the career of the athlete. I would have loved to watch Sandy Koufax pitch ten more years and not blow out his arm at 30 years of age because of (5) years of 300+ innings pitched.

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They are over paid and very spoiled. But the Mets are still my team.

Lets Go Mets!!

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I agree as well, the complete game is going to be a myth in a few years. I think a lot of what is going on has to do with the player's union. They have WAY WAY too much power. Selig is like a king, he looks important talks a good game, but he doesn't have any real power. The owners need to take back some of the game and institute a salary cap. It worked for all three other major sports.

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I do agree with you. MLB players are payed outrageous amounts to win baseball games, and not much else. There are a few dedicated players who love the game, but others just want to make a quick buck.

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Pitchers are replaced by the manger they do this trying to win the game.

I agree the are all being overpaid. MLB needs a true salary cap. Like the NFL. Even through NFL players are overpaid as well.

As for not being allowed to brush back batters this would lower the number of hits and runs, and there are more so-called fans that would rather see lots of hits and runs, then a good old pitchers duel.

Do you think Schilling is upset that the Sox paid Dice-K 101 million dollars?

I agree with Only one of those. Pitchers should be able to brushback hitters.

It's stupid for a pitcher to complete a game with a tired arm, when they can bring in a fresh arm that specialized in refielf situations.
You can't blame someone with an elbow problem for wearing an elbow pad, in those situations a player should be able to play while staying healthy.
You can't blame the players for wanting extra money when they KNOW they can get it. Dont hate the player hate the game.
Baseball is no longer the national pastime not for these reasons but because it is a Passssstiiiiime. Games are too long & boring for this generation of sports fans.

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