Any tips for breaking in a new softball glove?


Giants fans only?

Oil it, Use it, these are givens.There is only one way to break in a new glove so that it is ready for use, and I'm sure some who have never done this will pan this method. But I guarantee it, and have actually been hired to do this several times.
1)put a softball in the palm
2)use shoestrings to wrap the fingers around the ball, they all should curl around it .(don't worry if they overlap or what the glove looks like.
3)soak it in water (yes, I know. Just trust me)
4)let it get 90% dry, at room temp. (depending on leather quality, this may take 5-7 days)
5)untie strings & take the ball out. Place palm up on AC vent for 4hrs. then palm down for 4hrs.
6)apply Neetsfoot Oil (or Rawling Glove Oil) heavily, front & back (don't replace ball or strings) Repeat in 4hrs.
7)after 4 more hrs.apply thick layer of Vaseline. (front, back,laces, even poke some in the lace holes)
8)tie it around a ball again. If it's a long fingered glove put a ball in web also but still curl the fingers best you can.
9)repeat steps 7 & 8, once a day, for 3 days.
10) apply Saddle Soap to back only , Rewrap around ball.

In 24hrs. it's game ready

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For baseball gloves I always put a little oil at the palm to soften it and then put it under my mattress. The weight wlll break it in for sure.

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ive heard putting a little oil on the glove but then putting it in the oven for a little bit to soften up the leather

not kidding im dead serious

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put a softball in the mitt then put some big books on top or ribberbands around it

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they make a special oil for baseball gloves it works for softball gloves as well. apply to the glove and throw a baseball/softball into it several times ( not lightly just throw that ball into your glove at normal speed )

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Find sum way to apply sum wait to it.. and rub sum oil on the palm (inside) of the glove to loosin it up.. play around wit the glove alot to in the spare time

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catch softballs with it ^_^

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I always put a baseball in the glove and drive over the glove with a vehicle about four times. This is a good way to break one in fast, like right before a game.

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Put a softball in your glove and tie a shoelace around it. Leave it like that overnight.

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I don't like using oil because it adds weight to the glove. I have used shaving cream (foam) in the past...but normally the best way to break in a glove is by simply using the glove. This way your hand molds the glove and the pocket will form according to your specifications.
Good luck.

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