Among active players, who has hit the most HRs as a visiting player at Fenway Park?


Anyone ever come across a program where you can design your own baseball stadium?

Jim Thome

How would you react if the San Francisco Giants won the World Series in 2007?

Jim Thome w/ 19

I don't understand why people consider Derek jeter a future HOF?

That question was on ESPN last night.

Going out for baseball next season?

This has already been answered correctly, but I want 2 points.

Jim Thome - 19 homers. I think its kind of odd that its a lefty and not a right handed hitter. Thome's a dead pull hitter and right field and center field are pretty deep at Fenway.

For those who have been to Comercia Park- Who signs at Tiger stadium. Which player (s)?

Jim Thome w/ 19

Will the cardinals retire Darrel Kyle's number 57?

Jim Thome with 19 HRS..

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