4 Players in MLB history have hit 200 or more homeruns for two different teams during their career, who?

Manny Ramirez I know is one, I was thinking the other three may be, Frank Robinson, Ken Griffey Jr., Alex Rodriguez- I wasn't sure about Jim Thome. Any help


Are you guys happy that the yankees are in last place?

Manny Ramirez

Jimmie Foxx (302 for the Athletics and 222 for the Red Sox), Mark McGwire (363 for the Athletics and 220 for the Cardinals) and Rafael Palmeiro (321 for the Rangers and 223 for the Orioles).

Who has a better team? cubs? or cards?

Mark McGwire (Oakland, St. Louis), Manny Ramirez (Boston, Cleveland), Rafael Plameiro (Baltimore, Texas), and Jimmy Foxx (Boston, Philly).

Yankees and Red Sox Rivalry?

Manny Ramirez, Frank Robinson, Reggie Jackson, Barry Bonds

Who was the first dh in national league too hit home run in world series and american leage also?

Mark McGwire Manny Ramirez Rafael Plameiro Jimmy Foxx ..

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