>>SOX FANS!<< How much did John Henry pay when he bought the Red Sox?

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I did a pretty extensive Economics paper on the business of Red Sox baseball a few months ago. Here's the basics...

In 2002, John Henry and partners paid 700 million for the team, Fenway Park, and an 80% stake in NESN, their TV outlet here in New England. At the time he bought the team they were worth about 400 million, so there was a 300 million dollar debt attached to the purchase. According to reports, this has been more than made up for by putting NESN into more New England homes, adding seats in Fenway, and incredibly increased advertising, merchandise sales, etc. Those Forbes reports that you read about the Yankees and Red Sox losing money each year do not account for advertising, which is obviously the biggest revenue source.

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Too much, John Henry is one scaring looking S.O.B

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$660 million but it was not him alone that bought them.

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