Trivia. 4 teams who played home games in Milwaukee??


If a guy hits into a force out (the guy hits a groundball in which the guy at 1st base who is running to 2nd?

Milwaukee Braves(1953-1965)
Milwaukee Brewers(1970-2000)
Chicago White Sox(1968-1969)
Cleveland Indians(2007)

It is BS if an adult and a kid are going after a foul ball, the adult should concede and let the kid have it?

Milwaukee Braves

Milwaukee Bucks

Cleveland Indians

Greenbay Packers

Rumored that the Pittsburgh Pirates have retired number 21 twice. Do not know the answer. True?

Bucks, Brewers, Indians, Panthers (UW Milwaukee)

What is the least amount of pitches thrown by one team in a nine inning baseball game?

Indians(just the other night)
and the Orioles played there way back in 1901

Top 100 home run hitters in mlb?

Brewers (now the Orioles), Braves, Brewers, and Indians.

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