Against which pitcher does Sammy Sosa have the most career at-bats without a home run?


How early do you have to show up to Wrigley field to get good bleacher seats?

I was watching the Redsox vs Rangers game Sunday night and I saw where it was a question
The answers is John Smoltz since Sammy Sosa spent such a long time in the NL with Smoltz

What is the key to A-Rod's latest success?

That's a good question for which I haven't a definitive answer. My guess is Greg Maddux. Hopefully someone that knows will answer.

Why isn't Major League Baseball criticized for their involvement with steroids?

sammy has faced mark guthrie 30 times and never hit a homerun.

If you were a major leaguer and were coming up to bat what song would they put on for you?

john smoltz but i bet he could hit a home run by u??

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